Assessment Name: Test Assessment Do not change

  • Questions : 9
  • Pass Mark : 10
  • Total Mark : 9

Question 1 : What does 'D' stand for in MDI?

Question 2 : Who were able to purchase goods from abroad, turn those goods into finished products, and then sell those goods for a profit at a wider scale than ever before?

Question 3 : What is one of the major objectives of the Entrepreneurship Development Programmes (EDPs)?

Question 4 : Which of the following is not the Characteristics of entrepreneurs?

Question 5 : What programme allows you direct Access to thousands of Alumni business?

Question 6 : What does EDP stands for?

Question 7 : _____________is defined as the process of starting a business

Question 8 : What are the Benefits of EDP?

Question 9 : The first big shift in entrepreneurship took place during the______________